DDC’s commitment to expert DNA testing started with relationship testing in 1995, and extended into forensic DNA analysis in 2003. DDC’s forensic laboratory received NFSTC ISO/IEC 17025 and DAB standards validation in September of 2003. Forensic DNA testing requires the very highest level of accuracy, oversight and scrutiny; DDC is very proud of it’s longstanding position in this arena.

Some of DDC’s most memorable moments came as a result of forensic DNA analysis and reporting. In 2006, DDC Forensics began a long and ongoing relationship with the University of Cincinnati and the Ohio Innocence Project. In 2008, DDC’s testing lead to the release of Robert McClendon, who had spent 18 years in prison as a convicted rapist–only to have DNA evidence overturn his conviction. In 2011, after another DDC testing helped overturn the conviction of Derrick Williams, McClendon visited DDC and met with DDC staff, and had his picture take with the genetic analyzer that proved his innocence.

DDC’s commitment to excellence is clearly visible through DDC Forensics. We provide DNA testing, case consultation, expert testimony. Our Laboratory, Dr. Michael Baird, was the first expert to testify in a U.S. court using DNA as evidence.

Please visit DDC Forensics if you are in need of forensic DNA testing services.