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Genetic Reconstruction

In genetic reconstruction, a series of DNA tests are conducted to determine whether or not a child is related to the alleged father’s close relatives. It is an indirect way to determine family relationships when an alleged father is not available for a paternity test. Results of genetic reconstruction may be used as proof in Social Security benefit and other inheritance claims.

In the test, the child’s DNA profile is compared with the DNA profiles of at least two of the alleged father’s close relatives. A close relative may be a full sibling or a biological parent. Each individual’s DNA profile is unique, but close relatives will share a significant portion of their DNA profiles because of the hereditary nature of DNA.

Genetic reconstruction requires complex analytical methods. If only two of the alleged father's close relative are available to take the test, participation of the child's mother is required. If the child's mother is not available, we can only perform the test with the participation of at least three close relatives of the alleged father.


An avuncular test is done to determine if a child is biologically related to a sibling of the alleged father. This test is a good option when there are no samples for a deceased AF or he is unwilling to test and the only relative available is a single sibling, brother or sister of the AF.

  • The report will indicate the probability of relatedness and a liklihood ratio similar to a reconstruction report. Refer to the relationship page.
  • The limitation of this test is that an uncle/aunt shares only 25% of their DNA with a nephew/niece. Since DNA is randomly inherited from our parents, siblings may or may not share significant amounts of DNA from their parents.
  • We strongly encourage the mother to participate so we can account for one half of the child's genetic material and provide a more precise result.
  • Inquire if other siblings of the alleged parent are available for testing. This will result in a reconstruction and the potential to more accurately ascertain the alleged relationship.
  • In scenarios with limited relatives to test investigate the possibility of utilizing Y-STR, X-STR or Mt-DNA testing as well.

PlatinumPlex™ is a unique STR marker panel developed by DDC to help resolve complex family relationship cases, like a family reconstruction test. Most standard paternity situations can be resolved with a standard panel of 16 STR markers. In the cases of reconstruction studies, it's often benefitial to run additional markers to help produce a more definitive answer. DDC's PlatinumPlex™ provides results that are over 1,000 times more powerful than the standard 16 marker test.

DDC will run the PlatinumPlex™ panel for an additional $100 in a family reconstruction study.

If you want to ensure the PlatinumPlex™ panel is included at the initiation of your case, please speak to one of our DNA Experts to discuss your situation and we can ensure that you get the right test, with the right DNA marker panels, delivering the most accurate results.

For a free consultation or to order a test, please call 1-800-613-5768. One of our caring, knowledgeable case managers will review the information you provide and guide you through the testing process.

Genetic Reconstruction

Tested Parties
1 child, 1 mother, alleged father's close relatives

DNA Test Fee
Variable, please inquire

Results In
5 working days w/M
5 working days w/o M


Tested Parties
1 child, 1 mother, alleged father's close relatives

DNA Test Fee

Results In
5 working days

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