DNA Origins®

Our DNA Origins® test can determine a person’s bio-geographic ancestry. If you are interested in researching your family history, or you simply want to learn more your background, this test can provide you with a clear understanding of your genetic ancestry and provide a platform into further research about your likely ancestors.

What to expect with your results?

DDC can provide you with your ancestral breakdown of the four founding populations: European, Indigenous American, Sub-Saharan African, and East Asian. It’s significant to bear in mind that these “founding populations” refer to a group of people with combined ancestry that live in certain geopolitical areas with “blurred boundaries.”
In “defining your racial background,” the
DNA Origins test also delivers a statistical approximation of an individual’s BioGeographical Ancestry (BGA). BGA is a way of stating the proportional ancestry of a person that is independent of the various socially stated “races.” Race is frequently reported by social or political conventions (there is no biological definition of “race”), biogeographical ancestry describes populations that share comparable DNA markers because of a mixed ancestry, which could cross a number of geographical areas.

Test Highlights:

  • Quick Results

    Highly accurate results in 15 business days after receiving sample

  • Low Cost

    Our highly accurate tests are inexpensive

  • Comprehensive Results

    Understand your ancestral makeup with our research

  • Painless Collection

    Buccal (cheek) swabbing is used to collect the DNA sample

  • Confidential

    All results are private and confidential

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