Peekaboo PRO Marketing Library

We’ve provided an extensive and varied library of marketing assets you can download and then print locally.

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Digital Marketing Assets for Download

Use Peekaboo-branded, high-quality professional designs to spotlight the many benefits of this test and inform your patients. Download any design for print instructions.

Peekaboo™ Logos

Brand recognition is essential to any customer-facing product, and we’ve invested a lot to ensure ours stand out from the crowd. Display our logos on your site or social channels for added value to your business. For digital use only.


Peekaboo™ Web Visuals

Seeing is believing. Professional product images of our test kits displayed on your site or social channels can help introduce the products to your customers, reinforce trust, and motivate them to buy. For digital use only.


Poster 24 x 36

It’s the perfect size for that blank space on the wall in your waiting area or examination rooms. We offer a variety of different designs, so you can choose the perfect one(s) for your practice.


Sales Slick (Flyer) 8.5 x 11

Takeaway flyers are ideal for display on waiting-room tables or handing out to patients who want to take information home. There are several designs to choose from. 


Rack Card 3.8 x 8.5

This takeaway fits in any standard rack-card holder. It’s a must-have marketing item appropriate for every practice.


4" Static Cling Decals

Attention-grabbing messages on your glass door or even on a window are super-effective and easily removable too.


Tent Card 5 x 7

A tent card needs no support and fits nicely on a reception counter and waiting-room tables.


Takeaway Cards 3.5 x 2

Don’t have much space? No problem. These small takeaways can be stacked on side tables or handed out by staff.