Maternal Lineage

DNA Diagnostics Center is offering a maternal lineage test that will reveal your ancient maternal heritage by testing your mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). This test is based on the fact that men and women both inherit their mitochondrial DNA, found outside the cell nucleus, only from the mother. This exclusive maternal contribution allows one to trace his or her maternal line back to their “clan’s” maternal founder and places individuals into a “haplogroup”—one of more than twenty major groups that comprise the human race.

About 175,000 years ago, the modern human race was born somewhere in East Africa. Over time, humans started to migrate out of Africa to populate the rest of the world, and as they settled in various geographic areas, their DNA took on distinct markers, creating a genetic record of our ancestors’ migration throughout the ancient world. These markers define the haplogroup you belong to, which is associated with a place of origin.

Are you related to the original settlers in Europe, before the start of the Ice Age (more than 20,000 years ago)? Or were your ancestors more recent visitors from neighboring Asia, or even North Africa? Are you related to a famous historical figure? Find out by ordering a maternal lineage test today.

What to expect with your results?

Your maternal lineage DNA Test report will list your haplogroup, which represents the area of the world your ancestors came from. It also contains raw data for your mtDNA test, which you can use for further research in many publicly available databases and ancestry projects. The packet will include:

  • Your haplogroup designation
  • A personalised map depicting your ancestors’ journey and where they initially settled in the ancient world.
  • Your mtDNA raw data, listing the differences between your sequence and that of the revised Cambridge Reference Sequence
  • Facts about your haplogroup, including which parts of the world you can find your “genetic cousins” and famous people who share the same haplogroup as you do

Test Highlights:

  • Quick Results

    Highly accurate results in 15 business days after receiving sample

  • Low Cost

    Our highly accurate tests are inexpensive

  • Comprehensive Results

    Understand your ancestral makeup with our research

  • Painless Collection

    Buccal (cheek) swabbing is used to collect the DNA sample

  • Confidential

    All results are private and confidential

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