Holistic Prenatal Care: How Does a Gender DNA Test Affect Pregnancy?

Sep 16, 2020 | Peekaboo


A 2017 Swedish study found that 95.8% of women discussed gender with their partner before the ultrasound scan, and 57% of couples wanted to find out the gender of their baby. Parents initiated this discussion with midwives 46% of the time, while midwives initiated the discussion in 10% of cases. 

Research has linked support from a trained or professional doula with a wide range of benefits for mothers and babies — from shorter labor and less risk of a caesarean delivery to more positive mother-baby interactions and a greater sense of achievement and self-worth. 

As a doula, you know firsthand the invaluable role you play in a woman’s pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey by providing mental, physical, and emotional support. And if you’re a midwife, your role also includes clinical services. If your client chooses to find out the gender of her baby early in her pregnancy, you’ll be able to provide gender-specific advice and positively impact her journey even more

The Benefits of Knowing Baby Gender

As a birthing expert, you know that medical reasons rarely necessitate finding out a baby’s gender during pregnancy. But knowing the gender can enhance the connection between mother and child during pregnancy and afford these additional benefits. 

Bonding with babies before birth: Some parents feel that knowing their baby’s gender before meeting him or her for the first time makes them feel closer in the first moments and days after their child is born. 

Reducing stress: Finding out the gender early eliminates uncertainty about one part of the pregnancy process. After all, pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery can be stressful enough, especially for first-time parents. 

Planning ahead: While some parents opt for gender-neutral clothes and nursery décor, many like stocking up on pink or blue onesies or picking out a gender-specific theme for the nursery. Knowing the gender also benefits friends and family who’d like to buy the baby more gender-specific gifts. 

Naming the baby early: Some expectant parents say giving their baby a name early in the pregnancy makes the baby more real to them and relatives. And if they’re planning on using a family name or have already picked out baby names, knowing the gender helps narrow down their choices. 

Preparing siblings: If parents already have a child, it’s natural for their youngster to have some difficulties coming to terms with the idea of a new sibling. When a parent tells a young child they’re going to have a baby brother or sister, it helps the child adjust more easily and also piques their interest in helping prepare for the baby.

Circumcision: It’s not uncommon for hospital staff to perform circumcisions within the first 48 hours of birth. Parents who know they’re expecting a boy can have private, family discussions about whether they want to circumcise or not ahead of time. 

Gender reveal parties: Finding out the baby’s gender gives parents a chance to throw a gender reveal party for themselves and loved ones. Some parents choose to find out the gender by cutting into a cake to see if it’s pink or blue, or by opening a box filled with pink or blue balloons. There are countless ways to reveal a baby’s gender.

Find Out the Baby’s Gender with 99.5% Accuracy

Perhaps one of your expectant mom clients is contemplating finding out the gender of her baby, but is undecided or has questions. She may assume she has to wait until her 18–20 week ultrasound to find out. With the highly accurate early pregnancy gender test PeekabooTM from DNA Diagnostics Center, moms and dads no longer have to wait. Peekaboo provides expectant parents and their family and friends with precise boy or girl gender identification earlier and more affordably than competing products or traditional clinical methods. By using a small blood sample, this test enables expectant parents to find out the gender of their baby at just seven weeks. 

Peekaboo is the only early-gender test endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.

Do you have questions  about this topic or the Peekaboo Early Gender DNA Test? Share in the comments and we’ll answer.


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