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DDC is the most recommended paternity testing laboratory in Newport News. We provide paternity, prenatal paternity, immigration and other DNA testing services directly to people in Newport News, and in every major city in Virginia. We treat every client with care and respect because we know that every DNA testing situation is unique and personal. Thousands of families every year trust DDC with their DNA testing needs. Our commitment is to help you find answers to life’s most important questions.

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Our Services

https://dnacenter.com/dna-paternity-test/home-dna-paternity-test/ Paternity Testing identifies the father of a child. DDC will help you find a convenient appointment in Newport News to collect your DNA. Tests can provide you peace of mind or be used as legal documents for court.
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https://dnacenter.com/dna-paternity-test/non-invasive-prenatal-paternity-test/ Prenatal Paternity Testing is possible as early as the 7th week of pregnancy. DNA Testing while pregnant can provide accurate answers from a simple blood collection in one of our many locations in Newport News.
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https://dnacenter.com/immigration-dna-testing/ AABB DNA Testing through DDC will provide proof of biological relationships for Immigration, the USCIS & Visa applications in Newport News. Start with a FREE one-on-one consultation with a DNA process expert.
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https://dnacenter.com/dna-testing-services/ Other Services include relationship testing, such as maternity, grandparentage, sibling, twin zygotsity, and family reconstruction. Not sure which test is right for you? Speak with one of our DNA experts today.
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Q: Is there a paternity test lab near me?
A: Yes, there's a paternity test lab near you. With thousands of sample-collection facilities in the United States and around the world, there's probably one close by.
Q: Is it a legitimate lab that's accredited and gives me accurate results?
A: Yes, we are a legitimate lab that's accredited and will give you accurate results. DDC maintains the highest levels of accreditation in the industry from organizations like AABB, CAP, and many others for legal tests under scope. To maintain our accreditations, we have multiple processes in place to ensure accurate results, and even run each paternity test twice.
Q: Is it fast?
A: Yes, testing is extremely fast once all samples have arrived at the lab. Results for a paternity test are posted to your secure online account in 1-2 business days.
Q: Is it confidential?
A: Yes, all testing is completely confidential and secure. We follow all HIPAA compliance requirements for maintaining the confidentiality of your case. Your results are always secure and we do not share or sell your DNA data.

The Areas we serve

We proudly serve the Newport News Virginia area as well as its surrounding communities and counties: Balthrope, Barclay, Bayberry, Beaconsdale, Beechwood, Bernard Village, Blount Point, Brandon Heights, Brentwood, Briarfield, Campbell, Cedar Grove, Chestnut, Church Creek, Coles Forest, Colony Pines, Courthouse Green, Curtis Tignor, Deep Creek, Deerfield, Denbigh Plantation, Denbrook, Dutch Village, East Shore Park, Eastburn, Eastwood, Forrest, Garrow, Glendale, Green Acres, Green Oaks, Hanover Heights (Charter Elm), Hertzler Farm, Hidenwood, Hilton Village, Horespoint Farm, Hudson Terrace, Huntington, Huntington Heights, Ivy Farms, James Landing, Jefferson Park, Kiln Creek, Lee Hall, Lee's Mill, Lucas Creek, Marshall, Maxwell, Menchville, Menchville Meadows, Merry Point Estates, Morrison, Nelson Place, Newmarket Creek, Newsome, Newsome Park, Nicewood, North Hilton, North Newmarket, North Newport News, Parkview, Peach Orchard, Pear Tree Hill, Richneck, Rivermont, Riverside, Robinson Terrace, Salters Creek, Scufflefield, Sedgefield, Snidow, SouthEast Community, Stoney Brook, Stoney Run, Summerlake, Swansea Manor, The Colony, The Forest, Turnberry, Village Green, Warick Courthouse, Warwick Landing, Warwick Lawns, Warwick River, Warwick on the James, Wendwood, West Shore Park, Windmill Point, Windsor Great Park, Winterhaven, Young's Mill, and more.


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