DDC’s reputation for excellence in DNA testing and customer service goes beyond paternity and family relationship testing. In 2003, DDC Veterinary was created for those seeking DNA services for animals. DDC Veterinary offers a wide range of DNA testing for many types of animals—canine, feline, equine, and avian.

Companion animals are an important part of our lives. In 2015, the America Pet Products Association estimated $60.59 billion would be spent on pets, and more U.S. households own dogs than any other pets. With the basic annual expense of a dog over $1,600, it’s more important than every to incorporate dog DNA testing into the mix. Dog breeders use DNA testing to ensure the integrity of their litters, and often to mate selectively based on underlying genetic traits. These trait and disease tests help ensure healthy offspring, and can decrease the costs of ownership over the life of a families “best friend.”

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