DNA Testing
in Switzerland

DDC in Switzerland

DNA Dignostics Center (DDC) offers DNA testing in Switzerland. DDC has been established since 1995 and has achieved a number of prestigious accreditations. DDC serves an excess of 168 countries with certified, fast, and affordable DNA testing services.

DDC provides DNA testing both for legal situations, such as child paternity disputes and immigration, as well as, non-legal circumstances for clients looking for clarification of a family relationship. These include tests for paternity, grandparents, siblings, uncle/aunts, and twins.

Paternity Test

Get answers to confirm the paternity of a child

Maternity Test

For questions about the maternity of a child

Prenatal Paternity

Know the paternity of a child before birth

Grandparent DNA

Confirm relations when a parent is unavailable

Sibling Analysis

Discover a the true nature of a sibling relationship

Twin Zygosity Test

Better understand the relationship between twins

DNA Reconstruction

Compare a child’s DNA to potential relatives

Aunt-Uncle DNA

Learn if a child is related to a sibling of the father

Y Chromosome DNA

Compare male DNA through the paternal ancestry line

mtDNA Comparison

Discover blood relations through the maternal ancestry line

Immigration DNA

Prove biological relationships for an immigration case

DNA Testing for Ancestry

Learn and undestand your family’s genetic ancestry


Understand your genetics for better skin health

Veterinary DNA

Determine if your pet has hereditary traits or disease

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Due to an increasing demand from clients in Switzerland we are pleased to offer our services and you can now contact us for additional information regarding the DNA test you require. Please complete the contact form and a representative will be in touch.

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