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Paternity Testing FAQs

Stars () indicate the most popular questions.

Getting Started

  1. Can you do a paternity test before the baby is born?
  2. Can a paternity test be performed without the mother?
  3. Can a paternity test be performed if the alleged father is missing or deceased?
  4. There are two possible fathers, and they are related. Is this a problem?
  5. What do I need to do to get a paternity test?
  6. Do I need a physician’s order or a court order to have a paternity test done?
  7. Will you protect my privacy?
  8. Why should I choose DDC?

Price and Payment

  1. How much does a paternity test cost?
  2. Do you have payment plans?
  3. What forms of payment do you accept?
  4. Is paternity testing covered by health insurance or Medicaid?
  5. Should I take any money to the sample collection appointment?
Sample Collection
  1. Do you have a sample collection location near me?
  2. What happens if the tested parties live in different cities or states?
  3. What types of samples do you use?
  4. How soon can I have my sample collected?
  5. What do I need to bring to the appointment?
  6. What will happen at the sample collection appointment?
  7. Is there a minimum age for collecting a DNA sample?
  8. What is the preferred sample collection method for DNA paternity testing?
  9. Why are DNA buccal swabs preferred?
  10. Is there a difference in accuracy between buccal swabs and blood?
  11. Is it necessary to have all the sample types be the same when doing a paternity test?
  12. Is there scientific literature that addresses the use of buccal swabs for DNA paternity testing?
  1. When will my results be ready?
  2. How will I receive my results?
  3. What do the results look like, and how do I interpret them?
Legal Testing
  1. Will my test results be legally binding?
  2. Can I use my test results to obtain child support?
  3. What does “chain of custody” mean?
Other Questions
  1. What is DNA paternity testing?
  2. How accurate is DNA paternity testing?
  3. What is accreditation?


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