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DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is a full-service DNA testing company offering a wide range of DNA paternity and family relationship, forensic DNA and animal DNA testing services.

DNA Paternity Test
A DNA paternity test determines whether a tested man is the biological father of a tested child. If you are in need of a paternity test for legal reasons or just peace of mind, DDC offers a wide variety of tests to fit your needs.
Prenatal Paternity Test
DDC offers a unique paternity test before the child is born - which can be performed as early as the 9th week of pregnancy. This test is non-invasive, with results in up to 10 business days, and is the now the preferred option vs. traditional Amniocentesis or Chorionic villus sampling. Payment plans are popular option and we encourage you to call one of our paternity experts for a free consultation.
Immigration DNA Testing
DDC provides AABB-accredited DNA testing for immigration purposes. We perform testing for clients in over 168 countries worldwide, following the specific requirements set by the government agencies in each country.
Adoption DNA Testing
DDC offers DNA testing services for people involved in adoption. We have specialized services for clients who are going through domestic or international adoptions, are hoping for reunification with biological family members, or are facilitating parental relinquishment and peace of mind.
Forensic Services
Our forensic DNA services include STR, Y-STR, mtDNA and mini-STR casework, and forensic paternity testing. We also provides case review and consultation services to defense attorneys.
DNA Maternity Test
A DNA maternity test determines whether a tested woman is the biological mother of a tested child.
DNA Grandparentage Test
A DNA grandparentage test, performed in the absence of an alleged father, determines the relationship between a child and the parents of the alleged father.
Genetic Reconstruction
A genetic reconstruction is performed to determine the biological relationship of a child to the alleged father’s close relatives.
DNA Siblingship Test
A siblingship test determines whether two children share one or both parents.
Twin Zygosity Test
A twin zygosity test determines whether twins are fraternal or identical.
Y-STR Paternal Lineage
A Y-STR paternal lineage test determines whether two or more males are related through a paternal line.
mtDNA Maternal Lineage
A mitochondrial DNA maternal linage test determines whether two or more individuals are related through a maternal line.
DNA Profiling
A DNA profile is an individual’s genetic fingerprint, used for personal security such as in the case of identifying a missing child or future inheritance claims.
DNA Banking
An individual’s DNA can be stored in a secure environment so that it is available for a future DNA test if needed.

Cell Line Authentication
DDC offers the most comprehensive STR DNA testing available by examining of a panel of 17 highly polymorphic genetic markers plus amelogenin to determine gender, to generate an STR DNA profile that uniquely identifies a human cell.

Native American Testing Services
DNA testing can be used to support tribal enrollment or disenrollment cases, as well as protect the tribe's genetic legacy and identity.

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