Our certified testing facility provides a variety of DNA testing systems to meet the needs of our global customers, such as criminal paternity, forensic DNA testing, and consultation. Law organisations across the globe place their trust in DDC’s expert laboratory team and state of the DNA testing facility. DDC’s forensic DNA testing services acts as a neutral laboratory to assist law companies, private firms and security organisations by delivering highly accurate, scientific data analysis across the world.

Some key highlights of our laboratory include:

  • Over 1 million samples have undertaken rigorous testing in the DDC Laboratory in the past decade.
  • DDC is a key supplier of DNA testing to 900+ agencies, embassies and regional and centralised governments globally.
  • DDC has delivered high quality DNA testing to various television and radio programs. DDC has proven to be a laboratory that can relied upon.
  • Many doctors, health professionals and solicitors recommend DDC due to the dual processing technique utilised.

Our scientists provide evidence screening, serology testing, and DNA analysis along with:

For more about Forensic DNA testing, call us at 0845 408 2084