COVID-19 Test Available Soon Through DDC

In order to assist and do our part to meet the COVID-19 crisis at hand, DDC has worked to refocus efforts and leverage our capabilities to support COVID-19 testing.

At this juncture, DDC is refocusing our time and resources during the pandemic and dedicating those efforts until we have passed through this most critical time period – until the medical and government communities across the globe are able to find a diagnostic and treatment balance for COVID-19.

Based on our 26-year DNA-testing expertise, this is simply a way to leverage our talent, equipment, and distribution channels to support the world as best we can until we all move through this challenging time.

We will be offering two distinct tests:

1)     An at-home testing kit that indicates historical and current exposure to COVID-19 and related family of viruses.

  • Quick and easy to use as an initial screening to evaluate the presence of antibodies. This test is a great way to rule out antibodies if someone is concerned that they may have been exposed to COVID-19

2)     An FDA-cleared lab-based test that specifically detects COVID-19

  • Offers a higher degree of accuracy, and is designed to support front-end field testing by hospitals and the medical community

More information on test availability coming soon.