State of Maryland Department of Human Resources Selects DNA Diagnostics Center for Paternity Testing

Sep 20, 2016 | Media

DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), one of the largest providers of private DNA paternity and other DNA tests in the U.S. and worldwide, has signed a five year contract with the Department of Human Resources, an agency of the State of Maryland, to handle all DNA paternity testing for the state’s 17 counties.
“Working with the State of Maryland and its counties, DDC will be able to provide timely, effective and accurate results while being cost efficient,” Peter Vitulli, president and CEO said.
Over the last 15 years, DDC’s diagnostic center has built a reputation as a premier DNA testing laboratory in the industry and we are pleased to have the State of Maryland as a partner.”
DDC’s level of service for clients focuses on the following:

  • The ease and efficiency of transition from the current provider to DDC
  • Fast delivery of result
  • Industry-leading online access to results
  • Availability of DDC representatives providing personalized customer service

About DDC

For more information about DDC, visit dnacenter.com or call 800-362-2368.
As one of the largest providers of private DNA paternity and other DNA tests in the U.S. and worldwide for more than 15 years, DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) offers comprehensive DNA testing services for paternity and other family relationships, forensics, ancestry and genetics. DDC’s subsidiary, Veterinary Diagnostics Center, provides innovative, quality DNA testing for companion and sport animals. DDC was the first to adopt robotics technology in its laboratory processes, ensuring highly stringent and efficient handling of DNA samples. DDC’s unique Dual Process™, in which all DNA samples are independently tested twice, produces results of unmatched quality and reliability. DDC is recognized through a number of accreditations nationally and internationally, including those  by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP). DDC is also accredited by ACLASS to meet the standards of ISO 17025 and the DNA Advisory Board (DAB), which attests to DDC’s superior forensic testing service.


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