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5 Reasons You Might Need a Legal Paternity Test

When deciding between a peace-of-mind paternity test and a legal paternity test, it’s essential to consider what you need the results for.  Too many new parents hurry and do an at-home paternity test, thinking the results can be used for legal purposes—but the truth is courts won’t accept those results. Why? Because there’s no way…


Paternity Testing: Do I need a Doctor’s or Court Order?

Like other DNA tests, kits to determine paternity are available in retail stores, making it easier than ever before to get reliable, accurate answers to important relationship questions. Many people who are considering paternity testing assume that they need to have a doctor’s order or a court order before they can do one. This simply…


DNA Testing for Immigration: 5 Steps

DNA testing for immigration offers a reliable solution when encountering difficulties in documenting a biological relationship for immigration cases. These cases usually involve a family member who’s applying for U.S. resident status in the United States, but who does not have a reliable birth certificate or family records available. To definitively determine a family biological relationship, DNA…