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History of Genetic Research

A recent Columbus Dispatch article features a new book on the history of genetic research. Entitled “The Violinist’s Thumb,” it focuses on some of the lesser-known individuals who have contributed to the body of genetic research including early genetic theory, the discovery of the DNA helix, the effect of DNA mutations, and human genomics. The…


Best States for Maternity and Paternity Leave

Two recent Huffington Post articles highlight the states in the U.S. that provide the most support for working moms and dads. In particular, the articles summarize what the top states’ legislation provides for in terms of maternity and paternity leave, including provisions for children born to domestic partners or who are adopted. Both articles mention this fact:…


DNA Testing and Adoption: An Interview

If you are interested in how DNA testing can provide answers to the many questions that come up in situations touched by adoption, you’ll want to tune in to an interview with DDC’s chief science officer, Dr. Michael Baird, conducted by Donna Montalbano of Adoption Discussions, a radio program broadcast by WOON in Rhode Island,…