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Fetal DNA Testing – New Parameters

Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) of DNA is a new and expanding option for pregnant women. Research has shown it to be accurate for detecting trisomy, in women who are considered low or high risk. Trisomy exists when there are three copies of a chromosome instead of the normal two. Clinical studies have pointed to the…


What is Forensic DNA Testing?

Forensic DNA testing is the use of DNA testing in solving crimes and it has become very useful for law enforcement and achieving true justice. DNA testing has proven useful in both convicting and exonerating criminal suspects in both current and cold cases. Additionally, progress in forensic DNA testing enable results to be provided more…


How Does DNA Replication Work?

For any living thing to survive, DNA molecules must be copied exactly within a body. Sit down a few moments and enter the fascinating world of how a body re-generates itself, one tiny bit at a time. We’re about to lay some genetic science knowledge down for you. First and foremost a complex biochemical reaction…