New DNA Test Predicts Eye Color

Dec 29, 2011 | DNA test, Forensic DNA Testing

A team of Dutch scientists have developed an eye color test that can determine a suspect’s eye color from a DNA sample left behind at a crime scene, a news article reports.
This new test will help investigators identify potential suspects in cases where a DNA profile from crime scene evidence does not have a match in existing DNA databases. However, the test alone cannot be used as evidence towards a conviction in court, because it only has an accuracy of 94%.
Eye color is one of the many external features scientists are investigating with the hope of developing tools in the field of DNA forensics. Physical characteristics can be controlled by one gene, or a combination of genes, which makes some features easier to decode than others. The field of DNA forensics continues to evolve at an exciting pace, and the possibility of creating a physical sketch based on DNA evidence is real, albeit far off into the future.
DNA Diagnostic Center’s Forensic Division continues to monitor these developments in the field. As a leader in forensic DNA services, our forensic scientists have worked with many legal and law enforcement professionals, providing case consultation and DNA testing.
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Eric Brunner Exonerated Based on Key DNA Evidence Provided by DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) in Partnership with the Ohio Innocence Project

Eric Brunner Exonerated Based on Key DNA Evidence Provided by DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) in Partnership with the Ohio Innocence Project

FAIRFIELD, Ohio, Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DNA Diagnostics Center, Inc. (“DDC”), part of the global network of Eurofins companies, announces that Eric Brunner, a Canton, OH man who was convicted of rape and attempted rape of two women in 1996, has been exonerated based on key DNA analysis performed by DDC’s Forensics Department in conjunction with the Ohio Innocence Project (OIP). Mr. Brunner served 13 years in prison before he was released on parole in 2009.

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