Identical or Fraternal? A DNA Test can Confirm

Mar 21, 2012 | DNA test

A recent article on Babycenter reports on a study in which almost 15% of same-sex twins’ parents were misinformed by their doctors about whether their twins were identical or fraternal.
“A lot of parents finding out later on felt they just didn’t know their own children,” said study co-auther Abi Fisher.
A simple DNA test can clear up the question of whether your twins are fraternal or identical. Called a Twin Zygosity test, the process analyzes DNA markers from each sibling to determine if there is an exact match—in this case, the twins are identical.
The results of a twin zygosity test are often used to satisfy personal curiosity, but the information is medically relevant as well, particularly if one twin exhibits symptoms of a hereditary disease, or in cases where one twin requires a tissue or organ transplant.
For more information on twin zygosity testing and to inquire about special offers, please call 1-800-613-5768.


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