Greek authorities found a blond-haired blue-eyed child by the name of “Maria” in a Roma camp and immediately began asking questions about her origin. The couple who claimed to be her parents bared no resemblance to her. Both Maria’s “mother” and “father” have a dark complexion and hair while Maria is very fair. She was promptly removed from her parents’ custody, and the couple was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping.
Maria’s mother informed her lawyer that she did not kidnap the girl. According to the mother, Maria was given to her by another Roma mother from Bulgaria because she was unable to care for the child. Greek authorities had some doubts about this story because of the reputation that the Roma has for selling and buying children. The couple rumored to be Maria’s biological mother and father submitted to DNA testing to determine whether or not Maria is in fact their child.
The Truth about Maria’s Parentage
After paternity DNA testing had been performed, Bulgarian authorities found that Maria’s Greek Roma mother was telling the truth; Maria’s birth mother really was a Roma woman from Bulgaria. A paternity test showed that the Bulgarian woman’s husband is Maria’s biological father. The Bulgarian couple denies selling Maria to the Roma couple.
This case was solved relatively quickly because of the existence of DNA testing. Several people all over the world had hopes that Maria was their missing child, but paternity DNA testing made it possible to determine Maria’s parentage without any doubt.
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