10 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Dec 25, 2020 | Peekaboo

10 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal parties are a fairly new phenomenon, dating back to 2009 when the first videos were uploaded to YouTube. The trend truly took off in 2011, and today, photos or videos of gender reveals blanket social media. Typically, these parties center around the special moment when the parents-to-be cut into a cake, pop balloons filled with confetti, or kick a ball filled with powder. 

Sometimes, the expectant parents opt for a reveal baby shower, combining the two celebrations into one party, although this event usually occurs much closer to the due date. Regardless of when or where you do this, the sky’s the limit on fun ways to reveal baby gender. Just be sure to keep whatever you do safe and environmentally friendly!

Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas 

Celebrate the Chromosomes 

PeekabooTM is an early DNA gender-reveal test designed to precisely identify gender using a small blood sample from the pregnant mother. When a Y chromosome is detected in the fetal DNA from the mother’s blood, the baby is a boy, while only X chromosomes mean it’s a girl. Chromosome-themed gender-reveal games are a great way to think outside the usual pink or blue color theme. 

1) Piñata or Balloons 

Instead of tiny pieces of blue or pink paper, fill a piñata or balloons with paper X’s and Y’s (or just X’s) and then watch as guests break or pop them. 

2) Egg-Dyeing Reveal 

Buy an egg-dyeing kit with “invisible crayons.” Write X’s or Y’s on the eggs, then set out an equal number of blue and pink dye cups and have everyone dip their egg at the same time to reveal the baby’s sex. 

3) Confetti Gift Bags 

Buy pink or blue confetti or make it yourself by cutting up colored paper. Give your guests the bags and ask everyone to throw the contents at the same time. 








4) Hershey Chocolate Bars 

Using edible ink markers, color in the letters “SHE” or “HE” in pink or blue on Hershey bars. Wrap the bars in gender-neutral or plain white paper and ask guests to unwrap them in unison. 


From welovebeingmoms.blogspot.com

5) Baby Word Scramble 

Select 10 to 15 words that are typically one gender or the other (such as first names, celebrities, etc.) and scramble them to create a baby word scramble worksheet for your guests. Time the game and let the guest who solves all of the scrambles first read the words aloud, revealing the baby’s gender.

6) Pin the Balloon on the Canvas 

Pin paint-filled balloons onto a canvas and let party guests pop them by throwing darts. Get really creative by mixing different shades of pink or blue paint when you fill the balloons. The result will be a cool picture worthy of hanging in your nursery. Tip: Reserve this activity for outside! 

7) Pillow Fight 

Fill pillowcases that zip up with blue or pink feathers. Colorful feathers flying through the air while you and your guests burst into laughter makes for a fun and memorable visual. Besides, who doesn’t love a good pillow fight? 



8) Old Wives’ Tales Game 

Ask guests to figure out if you’re having a boy or a girl based on classic old wives’ tales associated with pregnancy. Is your baby bump low or high? Are you craving sweet foods or salty foods? While it’s more fun to play this in person, you can do it virtually by encouraging guests to ask these questions via email before a Zoom party and then answering them live on the call. 

Virtual Gender Reveal Party Ideas 

Share results of your Peekaboo test on a Zoom call with your family and friends, while incorporating elements of an in-person gender reveal. Here are two creative ideas to jazz things up a bit. 

9) Background Contest 

Ask guests to decorate their background in either pink or blue based on whether they think you’re having a boy or girl, tally up their guesses, then announce the names of those who are correct. 

10) Dress and Guess

Wear a neutral color t-shirt yourself, but ask your guests to wear a blue or pink/red t-shirt based on whether they think you’re having a boy or girl. Then count their votes and announce the correct guess. 

Throw a Gender Reveal Party Earlier Than Ever 

One of the top reasons gender-reveal parties have gained popularity has to do with recent medical advancements. As the most accurate early baby-gender test available, Peekaboo enables parents to find out the sex of their unborn child at just seven weeks into pregnancy. Peekaboo is the only early-gender test endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.  If you’re expecting, order the test, and then share this incredible moment whenever and however you wish! 



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