For over ten years, DDC has served the legal community by providing fast, accurate DNA testing. We have a dedicated legal team that is well-trained and highly experienced in working with the legal requirements for DNA testing. We serve the legal community in two major categories: civil cases involving issues of paternity and other family relationships, and criminal cases needing forensic DNA testing.

Civil Cases

When it comes to legally binding DNA paternity tests, nobody can match DDC’s quality and experience. We have performed tens of thousands of cases since 1995, and we currently perform 3 out of 4 private paternity tests in the U.S. We often work with lawyers who need a DNA test to prove paternity and family relationships for the following cases:

  • Child custody and child support proceedings
  • Adoption disputes
  • Immigration cases
  • Social Security, inheritance, and other benefit claims

We follow a strict chain of custody from the time we collect samples through testing and reporting of results. The American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) commended our Dual Process™, in which we independently test every sample twice.We also maintain the highest levels of accreditation in the industry. Please visit our Accreditations page for more information.

Lawyers have often found it beneficial to directly work with us in their cases that need DNA tests. Our special Legal Division works exclusively with lawyer-initiated cases, expediting requests for DNA tests and test reports. Our staff is highly experienced in working with legal cases and have testified in court numerous times.

To find out more about how you can effectively partner with DDC to bring convenient and reliable services to your client, please contact us. We will send you a packet containing our special pricing schedule for lawyers as well as more details about DDC and our services.

Criminal Cases

DDC Forensics is our division that handles DNA tests involved in criminal cases. We have capabilities in the following areas:

  • DNA Testing—identifying possible sources of DNA evidence, creating DNA profiles from these sources, and comparing the profiles of suspects, victims, and/or evidence.
  • DNA Expert Services—offering expert services through case consultation, case review, and DNA expert testimony.
  • Forensic Paternity—proving paternity in criminal cases such as rape or incest.
  • Animal DNA Testsing—testing animal sources of DNA evidence.

DDC’s forensics team is composed of nationally recognized experts in forensic DNA technology. To learn more about DDC’s forensic services, please visit our Forensics page.